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We research and develop artificial intelligence for machine vision and IoT to enable human-machine collaboration in smart factory.

About Us

SHARITEK provides consulting services and develops products for smart manufacturing that apply computer vision and IoT.  By connecting human and machine, we bring a new turning point to the industrial sector.

We help manufacturers to reduce labor cost, improve product quality, increase production efficiency and gain competitive advantages. We offer solutions for visual sensing, product identification, automated quality inspection, localization of missing parts and more.

We demonstrate in this video how we used a multi-instance multi-stage deep learning approach to detect inserts in injection molding machines.

For customers looking for a solution in product identification and management, we offer Lookuq, our AI powered visual search application. 


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SHARITEK is more than automation in manufacturing industry. We take the advantage of deep learning to enable collaboration between human and machine. If you share the vision, join our team today and experience the joy of bringing latest technology to real life.

We are seeking talented and passionate members to lead our product team. You have the chance to help develop a new product from conception to final launch. At SHARITEK, people are the most valued part of the business.


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