The uses of visual recognition for component manufacturers

Have you heard of the term “visual search”? For product and component manufacturers, this new technology will be the key to quicker product search, smarter product management, and better customer experience, which leads to higher sales and revenue.

What is visual search?

Visual search or visual recognition is as straightforward as its name. You take a picture of the spare part and get an immediate search result for it within seconds. This recognition technology saves time in identifying spare parts and increases efficiency in customer support.

Let’s have a closer look into how this technology can improve digital sales, after-sales, and maintenance process for part manufacturers.

5 benefits of part visual recognition for manufacturers

Quickly search and identify spare parts

Let’s assume an expert needs 12 minutes to identify a spare part. During that time, he has to run through a process of searching in the catalog, documents, manuals, and applying his expertise to get information about the spare part. If some documents or catalogs are not adequate or unavailable, it will certainly take him more than 12 minutes to search for that spare part.

Producers of parts and tools can relate to this issue. While product categories are various, they are also composed of many variants. The traditional catalogs store an enormous load of information, which makes the search processing more difficult and time-consuming. It may eventually slow down the customer support service and hurt sales.

Visual search innovates the searching process. With just a smart phone’s camera, anyone can quickly identify the product part. Your customer can easily search without relying on your direct support, thus increase their shopping experience. Your manufacturing team can quickly retrieve accurate information despite their level of expertise on the spare parts.

Manage spare part catalog at ease

Are you still using the traditional catalog such as excel, table, or ERP software? These solutions will soon turn out to be out-of-date if you put the visual recognition and its pros into consideration.

The AI-powered and machine learning model can check and identify the spare parts through just a picture. The result comes with the highest accuracy level within the fastest time and does not require human memory in this process. End-to-end product information management is done with a portable digital catalog.

Improve communication and customer satisfaction

As demonstrated in the first example, your employee does not need 12 minutes just to search for the spare part information. Also, quicker support means happier customers. Demanding customers may not tolerate slow support and turn to find another solution in your competitors.

Reduce training time for new engineers

The traditional way of managing product information takes a lot of effort and time, and thus requires a certain level of expertise on the matter. The visual search can clear out this complication and eliminate dependence on experts.

New engineers can easily keep up to the new work without wasting time to cram for all the product information. As a manufacturer, you can now feel relieved thanks to a cost-cutting and time-saving training time of new engineers.

Improve sales

Combining all the above factors, visual search is a total game-changer for spare part manufacturers. One thing leads to another. When customers can get a faster search result with just a snap of pictures on their smartphones, they have a better shopping experience. If they don’t need to waste time waiting for direct support, they won’t leave any 1-star rating on your e-commerce site. When the support and maintenance team can quickly identify the spare parts within seconds, their work is more light-weighted and faster regardless of the need for an expert on deck. Your manufacturing company can also cut down the cost and time of manual processes and focus on increasing the revenue.

Sharitek: The innovative visual recognition solution for manufacturing

Sharitek provides the complete solution for visual search and product management.

  • Lookuq Visual Catalog - a visual search - based Product Information Management software which is available on both website and mobile app. This app works as an assistance to the sourcing and procurement departments, maintenance technicians, retail associates, after-sales support teams, and customers.

  • Lookuq Part Recognition API service is an option for those who wish to integrate visual recognition technology to their websites, mobile applications, and can be deployed to smart cameras.

Talk to us if you wish to learn how to implement visual recognition for your component and product catalog.

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